Nov 13th, 2010

Portland DemoCamp 11/2010 – Photos and Slides

Thanks to everybody who attended or presented at the Portland Eclipse DemoCamp last Monday. This time the theme was “Eclipse for mobile developers”. We had about 50 attending, which is a strong uptick from past events. Below some pictures and slides from the event: 1. Michael Galpin (@michaelg) from eBay opened the night with a [...]

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Nov 5th, 2010

Portland DemoCamp: Mobile Development with Eclipse – 11/8, 6pm

If you want to learn more about Android / Blackberry / iPad development while enjoying some free pizza and beer, I would be glad to see you next Monday. Will have three presentations: Android Development with Eclipse BlackBerry Application Development Options iPad development with Eclipse The event is scheduled for this Monday, Nov 8th at 6pm at [...]

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Aug 19th, 2010

Last week in Riena: 3.0 announced, Web support, ESE talks

Here are three recent developments from Eclipse Riena, that you may otherwise have missed: • Version 3.0 announced – we have updated the development plan, skipping the 2.1 release and shooting straight for a 3.0 release next June (Eclipse Indigo). While we strive to keep the bulk of the APIs unchanged, this move will grant us [...]

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Aug 19th, 2010

Eclipse RAP – What’s new in Helios? (Slides)

Here are the slides from my “Eclipse RAP – What’s new in Helios?” talk, which I gave at the Bay Area Demo Camp in June. They capture the most interesting novelties of the RAP 1.3 release. You can find even more details in the full release notes. I want to thank Oracle and AvantSoft for hosting [...]

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Jun 23rd, 2010

Tip: How to detect that a View was Detached

Here is a question that I got on a post about detached views: “How can I detect that a View has been detached from the main window? I would like to adjust the view’s behavior in that case.” There is no API to obtain that information directly. However it is possible to do this with [...]

Mar 4th, 2010

Error marker for SWT table rows – easy as pie

Here’s a nice addition to Riena’s TableRidget: you can now mark a table-row as incorrect. This is done with an RowErrorMessageMarker. When hovering over the marked row, the corresponding error message will be shown in a tooltip. IMarker marker = new RowErrorMessageMarker("An error message...", zorro); tableRidget.addMarker(marker); // to remove: tableRidget.removeMarker(marker); Full snippet here. This is [...]

Mar 3rd, 2010

Shared libraries with Eclipse CDT and cygwin on Windows

“Can you help me use shared libraries with Eclipse CDT, managed make and cygwin?“, I was asked yesterday. Read on for a list of common pitfalls and detailed instructions. The instructions are based on the latest CDT release (Galileo) and cygwin (make 3.81, gcc 3.4.4). They are applicable to CDT’s managed make projects (that means CDT [...]

Feb 20th, 2010

Riena meets Eclipse RAP, goes to Browser

I’ve spend the last few days adjusting the Ridget layer in Riena, to make it work with Eclipse RAP and Eclipse RCP. We call this process “single-sourcing” (EclipseCon tutorial). Ridgets wrap around standard SWT / RWT controls to provide additional functionality and a better API. One example that you can see below: Ridgets have “markers”, which [...]

Feb 8th, 2010

My thoughts on eclipse e5

Let’s assume for the moment, that in an alternate reality I can travel back in time to 2008. Once there, I meet a bright bunch of people that work on something called e5 (executive summary.odp). My summary: “the runtime platform that is simple and appealing to _____ application developers” Here’s what I would say to [...]