Nov 28th, 2013

Git Best Practices

At EclipseSource and Eclipse we love git, as you can tell by the 582 public repositories on Eclipse’s github page. Once you are familiar with the basics (if not, try this 15 minute tutorial or watch Linus Torvalds explain git) and have been using git for a little while, you may have questions such as: [...]

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Feb 2nd, 2013

How to track lifecycle changes of OSGi bundles

This post explains how to track changes in the lifecycle state of OSGi bundles, using two different techniques: an OSGi BundleListener and an Eclipse BundleWatcher.

Dec 14th, 2012

Cross-platform mobile apps in Java with Tabris

I presented our work on Tabris at  “Eclipse Day @ Google” earlier this week. With Tabris you use Java to create native mobile applications for iOS and Android. My slides below provide a quick introduction: Follow this link for detailed information on Tabris. Thank you Eclipse Foundation and Google for organizing this event for the fourth year now!

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Nov 1st, 2012

A secure user account system with Eclipse RAP

Recently, I developed a "user account" system for a customer's Eclipse RAP application. Here are a few do's and don'ts, which I learned in the process.

Aug 18th, 2012

Using shared libraries with Eclipse RCP

This post describes an easy – but little known way – to use native libraries (.dlls) with Eclipse RCP. In my current work, I’m shipping an RCP application that interacts directly with hardware connected to the user’s machine. These interactions are done through drivers, written in C, that are available in binary form as shared libraries. [...]

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Jul 19th, 2012

Configuring the OS-X application menu for SWT apps

If you write a ‘pure’ SWT application on the Mac (i.e. just SWT — no RCP/workbench), you will notice that the OS-X application menu is not properly configured. It just displays ‘SWT‘ instead of the application name. Furthermore, the ‘About SWT‘ and ‘Preferences…‘ menu entries have no effect. The remainder of this blog explains how [...]

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Jun 13th, 2012

Drawing on images with Eclipse RAP

Recently, I was asked how to create a web application that allows the user to draw on images: We have an application to deliver training content to medical professionals. An important issue for us is user-interaction with images. E.g. displaying images and allowing users to draw on them. The example below shows how to draw [...]

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Mar 23rd, 2011

EclipseCon Excercise update

Big thanks to all  runners who keep showing up for the EclipseCon run each morning. Particularly the brave bunch running in the rain today! Join us tomorrow at 7am in the Hyatt Lobby (rain or shine) for the last run of the conference. We will also having a little contest with the chance to win [...]

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Feb 12th, 2011

Let’s run together at EclipseCon 2011

38 days left until EclipseCon — Sure, you’ve registered, booked the flight and hotel, checked your passport. Next: pack your running shoes! Continuing the annual tradition started by Darin, we are organizing another edition of the EclipseCon Exercise:  an easy 3-mile run, starting in the Hyatt Lobby at 7:00 am each morning, Monday to Thursday. The [...]