Benjamin Muskalla

May 13th, 2010

Using Equinox Security in RCP and RAP

I finally had the time to care about one of my outstanding tasks – provide a tutorial and example how to use Equinox Security. While the tutorial was initially targeted for RAP users, I also added a launch config and a target definition for RCP as the code is the same for both runtimes. The [...]

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Apr 27th, 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 is on!

Finally the voting process for this years Google Summer of Code is over and they announced the accepted students. I’m really happy that so many interesting proposals got trough and really looking forward to see the outcome of all the student projects. Here is the full list of the proposals that got accepted for 2010. [...]

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Apr 26th, 2010

Sketch your UI

From time to time, I’m in the situation when I want to suggest a UI change or even try to come up with a completely new UI. While I love programming, it may be easier in these situations to just “sketch” the idea instead of really getting your feet wet. As many people asked me [...]

Apr 22nd, 2010

Eclipse DemoCamp 2010 in Mannheim

Ever been to Mannheim? If not – this is your chance to visit this lovely city. For the Helios release, the guys behind the majug² (Mannheimer Java user Group) invite everybody to the Helios Democamp in June. And as Ian already found out: Yes, we love our DemoCamps! It’s always great to have technical discussions over a [...]

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Aug 20th, 2010

Drawing with RAP? Yup!

Nebula PShelf on RAP

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous what happens with the RAP community after this post. At least for me, the last days were pretty exciting. Some days ago, Ivan from the RAP team committed the initial support for a GC (GraphicsContext) for RAP. Currently restricted to the Canvas widget, the GC provides thousands [...]

Aug 20th, 2010

Revamping Eclipse Examples?

Even though I’ve been involved in the Eclipse community for around 5 years, I’m still amazed by the projects that are hosted under the Eclipse umbrella. As an “insider”, I have a pretty good overview of many projects and at least a rough picture of all the other cool stuff. While I love working with [...]

Aug 20th, 2010

EMF and RAP – what a lovely pair

During the last weeks, Kenn and I worked together to support EMF generated editors running on RAP. I’m always mesmerized by how effective such synergies can be used when people from different teams work together for a bigger goal. Kudos to Kenn for his great work in EMF by refactoring the EMF UI bundles (namely [...]

Aug 20th, 2010

EclipseRT & RAP around the world

We’re all looking forward to talk about EclipseRT, Equinox and RAP at the DemoCamps around the world. In case you want to catch us and talk about Eclipse and related topics, just join one of the DemoCamps near you. Besides many other interesting talks, we’ll mostly cover EclipseRT, RAP and p2. Ottawa, ON, Canada – [...]

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Dec 18th, 2012

Eclipse RAP 1.3 M3 hits the road

After another 6 weeks of working hard towards the Helios Release, we’re a step closer. RAP M3 for Eclipse 3.6 is out and can be obtained from the RAP project page. Besides another 130 bugfixes and many New and Noteworthy features, here are my personal favorites of this milestone: Non-shared SWT resources Finally, we decided [...]

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