RAP 2.0 Launched Today

RAP 2.0

The Eclipse RAP Project has just launched its long-awaited 2.0 version.

With this release, the project has changed its name to “Remote Application Platform” to indicate the transition from a browser platform to a universal platform for remote applications. RAP 2.0 supports alternative clients and has new APIs to distinguish between clients, access client-specific features, and write custom components that use the new protocol. During the past few days, I’ve written a series of blog posts to explain the most important changes and features in RAP 2.0:

1. Remote – The New “R” in RAP
2. The Pillars of the RAP 2.0 API
3. Know Your Client
4. What is Server Push and Why Should I Care?
5. Custom Widgets with RAP 2.0

A detailed list of changes in this release can be found on the project’s New & Noteworthy page. We are excited about the possibilities opened up by the new RAP and hope that you will enjoy working with this release.

The release is available as p2 update sites and as .zip files on the RAP download page.

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6 Responses to “RAP 2.0 Launched Today”

  1. Farooq Kamal says:

    Standing applause to you Ralph and the rest of RAP Team!

  2. Marc says:

    Hi Ralph,
    It’s my first time in RAP, and I want to use this latest version, but I’m having troubles to install it, or maybe I don’t know how to do that.
    If I go to download page, there are two software I can download: RAP (Target Components) and RAP Tools. First of them indicates that is a target platform, and don’t try to install it. But I downloaded the zip file and it’s an update site. So how can I install it? I tried to download the Eclipse for RCP and RAP developers, that includes 1.5 version of RAP, but then I can’t update to the 2.0 version.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance…

  3. Ralf Sternberg says:

    Hi Marc,

    RAP Tools is what you install into the IDE. You can download Eclipse for RCP and RAP developers and upgrade the RAP Tools to 2.0:
    Help > Install New Software > Work with: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/rap/tools/2.0/
    Select “RAP Tools” and “RAP Tools upgrade for Eclipse Juno”.

    HTH, Ralf

  4. Marc says:

    Thanks a lot Ralph!! Now I can “play” with RAP :D


  5. Dmitry says:

    Sorry my English
    I would like simple example integration with Jetty in one jar file. How to add handler?

  6. Ralf Sternberg says:

    Dmitry, please ask your question in the RAP forum, this community will help you getting started:

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