Equinox/RAP WAR Products has moved. Hello Eclipse Libra…

A while ago I introduced you to my Google Summer of Code 2010 project, the WAR Products. I really appreciate your participation with feedback and bugs. It showed me that there is a real need for this tooling, so I’m proud to announce that the WAR Products development will not continue in the RAP Project.

You may think, “WTF? Odd thing to be proud of.” But, it really does make sense ;). The WAR Products were never targeted to be part of RAP, primarily because the tooling is not RAP specific. It eases the deployment of Server-Side Equinox applications. And this kind of application does not necessarily have to be a RAP application.

Three months ago a new Eclipse project was announced. It’s called Libra or formerly “OSGi Enterprise Tools” (it had to be renamed ‘Libra’ because of legal issues). I don’t want to repeat the project goal here because Kaloyan (the Libra project lead) does a much better job with this than I could. You can read about the project in this proposal. Libra passed the project creation review a while ago and provisioning by the eclipse.org webmasters is ongoing. So, why am I talking about Libra here?

There is a simple reason.  Because of one sentence from Kaloyan about Libra, I thought it would be the perfect project to contribute the WAR Products to.  “Libra tries to close the gap between PDE and WTP”.  This maps exactly to the WAR Products as the tooling tries to ease the deployment of Equinox-based applications on Servlet-Containers or JavaEE Application Servers.

Additionally there are plans to extend the tooling with a WTP integration to enhance the creation of a WAR Archive with automated deployment functionality, without adding explicit dependencies to WTP. And where can this development be done better than in between PDE and WTP?

Yesterday I committed the WAR Products to the Libra git repository after it passed the IP process successfully. I also set up a temporary p2 repository from which you can install the tooling (Eclipse 3.7 M4+ required). Of course we’re trying to push Libra in the direction of Indigo. If this works you will soon be able to install the WAR Products from the Indigo Repository. Please keep in mind that the bundle ID’s have changed during the move. So, if you had installed the sneak-preview from this blog post, please uninstall the tooling before installing the Libra version. It’s really worth getting the new version because of many bug fixes and enhancements which are included. Please feel free to file bugs, but this time against Libra ;)

Please note: To use the WAR Product’s full functionality you need to add the Equinox Server-Side SDK to your target or set RAP 1.4 M5 as your target environment. There is no longer a “requiredBundles.zip” that you need. Use this temporary p2 repository to install the WAR Products: http://download.eclipsesource.com/~hstaudacher/warproducts/3.7/

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  1. That’s great news, especially the auto mated deploy functions is a good sign. I think the tooling is a great addition to the Eclipse ecosystem and will flurrish between the different projects that need deployment,.

  2. Paul Ramsden says:

    Feb 8: I’m a bit stuck There is nothing to download in Libra and the servletbridge stuff (as described in the RAP online help) is no longer available. How can I deploy?

  3. The Libra repository will become a part of Indigo. Therefor I provided this temporary p2 repository. The servletbridge is included in the RAP 1.4M5 build and in the Equinox SDK.

  4. Arne Lottmann says:


    I’m sorry for the probably stupid question, but what exactly am I supposed to do with the exported war file? I dropped it into my tomcat’s webapps folder, tomcat says it’s deploying the app, even listing it under deployed apps, but I cannot access it. Is there something I need to do first or a special URL or…?

  5. Hi Arne,
    no, there is nothing special you have to do. Did you have included the context path in your url? This means the name of the war file.

  6. Arne Lottmann says:

    Yes, I’ve done that. It’s basically the rap mail template (url when run from eclipse would be “localhost:port/mail” ), exported to mail.war, so for tomcat I tried the url localhost:8080/mail (which is where tomcat says the app is deployed), but I get 404’s.

  7. Thats exactly what I meant. Your war file’s name is mail.war. As a result your context path is mail and the Servletname is also mail. So, try localhost:8080/mail/mail (one for the context, one for the servlet) and it should work fine ;)

    Please keep me posted if it works.

  8. Arne Lottmann says:

    THANK YOU! :) That actually makes perfect sense, and it works like a charm.

  9. Fred says:

    Is there a way to alter the assembly-script and package-script part of the export. I want some files not to be in the jar-file but in the WEB-INF/lib folder

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