RAP 1.4 M3 supports JQuery, reduced client size

Another milestone build on the way to RAP 1.4 is available: RAP 1.4 M3.

In this milestone, we conentrated on optimizations to the Javascript code that we deliver to the client browser. We managed to reduce the size of this code by ~8%, making RAP apps load a litte bit faster again. More optimizations will follow.

As a nice side effect of using a new Javascript compressor, RAP does not interfere with JQuery anymore. That means that you can now use JQuery in your RAP applications, if you like.

In the next milestone, scheduled for Dec 17, you can expect updated JFace and Workbench bundles as well as key bindings support.

2 Responses to “RAP 1.4 M3 supports JQuery, reduced client size”

  1. Looking good, I cant wait to go play with RAP again :). Will you guys also be upgrading the qooxdoo version in RAP 1.5 (yes its far a way just curius).

  2. Ralf Sternberg says:

    Hi Martijn,

    no we won’t upgrade to a newer version of qooxdoo. We only use some basic parts from qooxdoo (all our widgets are created by us) and thus we’re adapting the version we have to fit our needs better. For details, see this bug: http://bugs.eclipse.org/320993

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