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Here’s a nice Helios feature that comes in handy when you¬†often work with multiple workspaces simultaneously (as we recommend for developing single source application with RCP and RAP). If you do, you probably know this which-is-which guessing when looking at your taskbar (or window switcher):

How can you distinguish your Eclipse instances? How can you tell in which workspace you are editing? There is a commandline parameter -showlocation that appends the workspace location to the window title Рnot very helpful either. Now since Helios M6, you can give your workspace a name in the Workspace preference page:

This name is then displayed in the window title:

Much better, isn’t it?

4 Responses to “Name Your Workspaces”

  1. Chetan Kumar says:

    This is a very handy feature. Thanks!
    I keep atleast 2 workspaces open and sometimes its tricky especially when switching b/w windows. I now create custom perspectives (over Java or PDE) and name them with a label that’ll help me recognise the right IDE in the windows taskbar.

  2. Eike Stepper says:

    This is awesome! Now I can throw away my own dirty plugin that used to augment the window title with the workspace name every single second ;-)

  3. Ralf Sternberg says:

    Yes, I also had such a plug-in in every Eclipse installation over the last years. I used the one provided by Ketan in which did a great job! ;-) Thanks Ketan BTW!

  4. Laurent.B says:

    Great !

    It was an awaited feature !

    It just stays to complete the embeded documentation :p

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