Reminder: OSGi DevCon London 2010

Here’s a gentle reminder that OSGi DevCon London 2010 is happening in a few weeks.

I highly recommend registering if you’re interested in OSGi. There will be people from all over the OSGi community including some great tutorials. I’ll be giving a talk regarding OSGi and API evolution… with some stories of how we handle the problem at Eclipse, how it’s handled elsewhere and what are the gaps. I’m also excited about the OSGi Development Tooling Panel that Christian Dupuis, Peter Kriens, David Savage, Toni Menzel and I will be hosting. If you were looking at a time to connect (or praiseand lambast us) with some of the OSGi Tooling folks, this would be a good time. We’re hoping for a lively and friendly discussion.

Feel free to check out the schedule online for the full listing of talks and tutorials.

I hope to see you there.

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2 Responses to “Reminder: OSGi DevCon London 2010”

  1. Patrik Ã…kerfeldt says:

    Is this a subset of the OSGi DevCon 2010 co-located with EclipseCon in Santa Clara?

  2. This is a different event from the OSGi DevCon that is happening at EclipseCon. OSGi DevCon London is co-located with the JAX conference that is happening in London. You can take a look at the schedule online to get an idea of what talks are happening.

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