New Fancy RAP Theme

We are currently working on a new theme for the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) 1.3 which will be released within the Helios release train. As you probably know we have released a RAP theme with theĀ Galileo release. This theme was called “business” and portrayed a serious and refined look.

The current theme I’m working on is nicknamed “fancy.” It’s a more modern and fresh style compared to the business theme. It’s a lightweight design for people who just want a modern look for their RAP applications.

RAP fancy design

In the end, this is all possible via the RAP Extended Presentation API. The progress on the fancy theme has just begun but the RAP team wanted to publish a version as soon as possible.

Do you have any themes you want to see be part of RAP? Want to contribute one?

3 Responses to “New Fancy RAP Theme”

  1. James says:

    That looks brilliant. Is there a lot of work involved in creating a theme?

  2. Hi James,
    nice to here you like it. Actually there was a lot of work for the first theme but for the second it seems not so hard. We introduced a new API with 1.2 which make the design process much easier. If you want to create your own theme take a look at the bundle, maybe you can reuse some big chunks. If you need help please feel free to use the RAP newsgroup.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Qi says:

    I’m really exciting about your new themes.But I got many mistakes when I create my own theme.Is there more documents that help me create my own theme?(I readed the eclipse sdk help,but i can’t completely understand)

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