Google Wave and ECF

As part of our next release cycle, the Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF) project is going to implement the Google Wave Protocol as described in this enhancement request.  Please join the request if you are willing to contribute to this effort, or would like to use the implementation.

This will make it easy for Eclipse and any Equinox, RCP or RAP-based application to interoperate with other Google Wave applications.

7 Responses to “Google Wave and ECF”

  1. Hiroki Kondo (kompiro) says:

    This is great work for Eclipse.I would like to use wave on Eclipse!

    ECF’s collab editor ‘s concept is my dream.

  2. Naga Gangadhr says:

    Great news!

    I would like to be part of this team…..

  3. Salih Murat says:

    That’s great to see Eclipse community evaluating Google Wave. When i watched the wave presentation, i dreamed of a java ide in browser. Perhaps not possible today, but the way to the “Eclipse Wave Provider Server” is opened. May be that dream will be real after a couple of years…

  4. Jaromir says:

    This is very good news for developers!

  5. Olivier says:

    Awesome !!!

    “Please join the request if you are willing to contribute to this effort, or would like to use the implementation”: what does it mean “join the request”.
    I am really impatient to try any attempt in mixing wawe / rcp, with a little/medium background in GWT, EMF, XMPP and RCP/plugins I really like to join the request but how and when ;)

  6. Scott Lewis says:

    Hi Olivier and all,

    What is meant by ‘join the request’ is to add yourself as a cc to this enhancement request:

    And, if you can, please offer your assistance on the implementation. Also, if you are interested/able to contribute, please join the ECF developers mailing list. See here for instructions:

  7. Fei Fu says:

    Cool things! I like it.

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